Industry Secrets & Strategies to Land A Job in Television & Entertainment

(Without knowing anyone or having the "hook up"! Learn the "Up to P.A.R" Method to apply to your job search and take action towards your career TODAY!)


Saturday, April 21

11am EST

You'll learn:

  • HOW I LANDED MY FIRST JOB IN TELEVISION with no connections, no money in the bank...just hope, initiative and persistence.

  • RESUME TIPS TO GET YOU NOTICED Did you know that you only have 6 seconds to grab the attention of HR, production managers, executive producers, etc. with your reume? Make these changes to your resume to attract the decision makers and those with hiring power.

  • THE "UP TO P.A.R" METHOD Have no idea where or how to start looking for openings? It's time to start approaching your media job search with strategy, savvy and boldness to get your foot in the door.



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They often say, "it's who you know" when it comes to getting a job, especially in the media and entertainment industry. While I can't deny that's mostly true, what happens when you actually don't know anyone?


That was my story. 


I knew NO ONE in television. Matter fact, I knew a few people but NO ONE actually took the time to help me. It can be a cold cold post-graduation world out there folks. (The truth is, anyone who is actively employed in media and entertainment is ALWAYS pressed for time. I now understand that having worked in this industry for 10+ years)

Yet, somehow, someway, I managed to land get a full-time, full benefits staff position at one of the largest, most recognized media companies in the world = NBCUniversal. ***cue ugly cry***

So, it CAN happen and it can happen for you as well. I'll be sharing some tips on exactly what I did to get noticed and ultimately hired in this workshop. Looking forward to "paying it forward" and seeing you there! 

Producer, Digital Storyteller & Educator

Rasheeda Winfield

Founded by visionary creative, Rasheeda Winfield, the RasheedaTV platform was created to equip women in media and entertainment with career development and personal care resources. With over 12 years of radio, television, and digital media experience, she has established herself as a leader in the fast paced and ever-changing world of media and technology. Once featured as Ebony Magazine’s “Black, Fresh and Twenty-Something”, she’s worked on a variety of productions including talk show segments to documentary style programs, and has collaborated with celebrities, thought leaders, and influencers across the creative industries. ​She's known for her production mantra of "expect the unexpected” and proven track record of problem prevention and quick no-drama solutions. Based in New York, Rasheeda holds a Master of Arts in Public Communication and dual Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and Communication and Media Studies from Fordham University.