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Understanding crypto, NFTs and the Metaverse is downright confusing. Everyday there's a new thinga-muh-jiggy, but you're still trying to understand the previous doohickey! If you want to learn, but have no idea where to start, then The Easy Peasy Blockchain Dictionary is for you. It cuts through the tech jargon and explains common blockchain AND Metaverse terminology, in simple, easy to understand words. Sign up below to get your free copy! ​

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Another term that you've probably heard is NFT. An NFT stands for non-fungible token and by my easy definition, is a "one-of-a-kind" digital item that you can create, sell or buy. This "item" can technically be anything in the digital or physical world - like a photo, video clip, full album to a restaurant membership that you would physically visit in real life. A record of who owns an NFT and how much they bought it for, is stored and shared publicly on you guessed it, the blockchain. The NFT certifies that you are in fact the owner of a particular asset. This is just another example of how blockchain is used and we're just scratching the surface of what this technology is capable of.


Think about how significant the internet was for humans - we can order food through it, pay our bills and even find love. Imagine what else can be achieved with distributed and decentralized technology such as blockchain? Even if you're a non-techie, I implore you to learn as much as you can. Why? Because blockchain is the next frontier of technology that will impact every part of our lives. You never know how your knowledge may help break cycles of poverty and build generational wealth and legacy. #justsaying That's why it's my goal to make blockchain easy to understand - while also having a little fun along the way! I'm a storyteller at heart, and the fact that the very creation of blockchain technology is shrouded in so much mystery makes this all the more fascinating. 😲

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I'm Rasheeda Winfield

Rasheeda is my name, but feel free to also call me Blockchain Believer or even Ethereum Enthusiast. I'm also a new kid on the block(chain) - see what I did there?  ☺️ Over these last few months, with childlike wonder I've been researching the blockchain technology and its impact across several industries from the performing arts to real estate. Before I proceed, I'm also keenly aware that some of you may have no idea what I mean by blockchain. 😅 I've literally had to explain and break down complex topics for a living as an educator and former broadcast journalist, so here's my simple definition to help you wrap your mind around what blockchain is:

Blockchain is computer technology that publicly and securely keeps records of when people buy, sell, and own digital AND physical assets. 


Basically, you need a bunch of computers, a lot of electricity and a strong internet connection for blockchain to work. What makes blockchain truly special, is that it relies on multiple computers and no single person is in control (this is what decentralization means). For the people, by the people. This is super important because it provides what I like to call "shady business prevention" since all transactions are shared publicly and recorded across a ton of different computers. Bitcoin, a form a digital money, is one way that blockchain is used. Whenever you purchase or trade Bitcoin, the blockchain keeps a record of that transaction. Without blockchain, there would be no Bitcoin. 



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